With many municipalities requiring fire sprinklers in new residential construction we find an increased demand for our services in this field. This provides peace of mind and life saving potential to homeowners and their families. Metropolitan  can provide all types of residential systems including anti-freeze and pump and tank systems to meet municipal codes and water availability from urban to rural no matter the size of the home.

Service Department


It's important to be able to provide all the pieces of a construction project. It cuts down on time, errors, and expense. At Metropolitan we handle everything from the skilled labor and regulatory compliance to materials delivery and site cleanup.

Our commercial division provides installation of fire sprinkler systems in larger buildings both new and existing. We work extensively with owners and architects to design a system that meets both local fire codes and the customer's requirements for their building. In new buildings it is important to coordinate with other trades to make the project run smoothly and be completed on time. Our close relationship with local tradesman enables us to work closely with them and organize our scheduling to meet deadlines. With existing buildings we are pleased to provide scheduling to fit the owner's or tenant's requirements to minimally impact their business activities. This means that whatever time of year or time of day you need us we can be there to make your building safe for you, your employees, and your customers. Our project managers are involved in every aspect of construction and meet regularly with customers and our employees to insure optimum productivity and efficiency on the job.

Aiding the needs of our clients has been the cornerstone of Metropolitan Fire Protection
since its inception in 1995.


Our fully staffed professional service department provides:
Prompt response to emergencies 24/7 365 days a year. Inspections on an annual, semi-annual, and quarterly basis are available for insurance and municipal licensing. This will insure that your system is code compliant and capable of providing the protect it was designed for should you need it. Our certified technicians who are educated in every facet of their work, sprinkler systems, backflow preventers, standpipes, fire pumps, and, fire hydrants.

Our employees complete a five year apprentice training program that has been accepted by the Pennsylvania Apprenticeship and Training Council. Our program covers everything from the basics right through to the most challenging service situations. Foreman who have all been with us for more than 10 years and have the experience required to do the job right the first time, everytime. Hands on management on a daily basis. You talk to a real person who can provide answers to your questions, solve problems, and offer solutions.e cleanup.

Project Management